Being sporty is worth money!

Are you a active athlete, but do you not find your favorite sport with UAB Sport? Or you prefer to play at your home? Then from the academic year 2017 – 2018, VUB or EhB students can enjoy a refund of €15* on the purchase of a sports subscription. Whether you join an athletics club, buy a 10 session card or 10 lessons crossfit, UAB Sport! supports your sporting actions.

*refund not valid on & non cumulable with Basic Fit student subscription on our own organized UAB sports offer such as sports card, jogging card).

Are you meeting the terms and conditions & would you like to enjoy this refund? Then fill in the application form on our website and we’ll do the rest.


Do you want to organize a sports activity for fellow students? Then know that as from 2017 – 2018 UAB Sport! can give your project/idea a financial boost.
The organized sports activity must meet a number of requirements to qualify. Project per project is then examined how much support can be given to this.
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