Aqua lessons

in the new VUB swimming pool!

With the opening of the new swimming pool and the expansion with a smaller instruction pool, the VUB is now also able to offer various aqua lessons. Water aerobics stands for “moving in the water” and has several advantages: the water provides resistance so that you strengthen your condition and your muscles. In addition, the impact on the joints in the water is minimal and the chance of injuries is therefore a lot smaller than on dry land. Our aqua lessons consist of 4 different forms namely aquagym, aquaboxing, aquabike and aquajump.




A lesson on music in shallow water. By using dumbbells, noodles, gloves, … that works muscle-strengthening, you will start to notice a quick result!


Aquaboxing is a tonic sport inpired by martial arts. It’s a form of body combat practiced in the water. The aquaboxing course provides excellent endurenced work. Indeed, working in the water, we carry little or no weight at all, depending on the depth of the pool. Aquaboxing takes place on music and the sessions are specially designed to strenghten the cardiovascular system.


Aquajump comes from Brazil and involves jumping on a trampoline in the water. It helps eliminate excess fat, but also strenghten the abdominals, shaping the buttocks and toning the legs. This activity also improves his sense of balance and motor skills. The advantage is that this sport is accessible to all, regardless of age.


Just take everything you love about spin- intense cycling, unorthodox arm and chest exercises performed on a bike, inspiring music, instructors who never stop smiling- and add salt water, swimsuits, and enough resistance to make you feel like you have weight strapped onto your body. It’s grueling, effective, and totally therapeutic. Aquabike can be adapted to suit various fitness needs and levels.

The classes are on:

Tuesday 12 – 13 h Aquabox
Wednesday 12.30 – 13.30 h Aquajump
19 – 20h Aquabike
Thursday 12.30 – 13.30 h Aquagym
19 – 20 h Aquajump
Friday 12 – 13 h Aquabike

Prices Aquagym/ Aquaboxing: 

1 class 10 €
Pass 10 classes 80 €
Student offer 10 classes + 1 free 80 €


Prices Aquabike/Aquajump:

1 class 15 €
Pass 10 classes 110 €
Student offer pass 10 classes + 1 free 110 €

You can only register for the classes at the reception of the VUB pool and by paying cash.
!! The first 10 participants who register for a 10 classes pas, receive a FREE Waterflex drink bottle!!

For more information about the aqua lessons at the VUB swimming pool: